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Wii PC Programs + Wii 4.3U Nand Format + NusDownload titles

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    Talking Wii PC Programs + Wii 4.3U Nand Format + NusDownload titles!JgdSxKzb!-HwHbmpwTN7QGagEQ2HtTw
    have included
    Wii PC Programs
    NusDownloader titles
    ctgpr custom mario kart wii
    bunch of useful wii apps
    Wii 4.3U Formatter (run in bootmii as boot2)
    backup game saves & Wii mii characters with SaveGame Manager GX must re-create game save by running game at least once to restore game saves
    use app multi mod manager(mmm channel) to install homebrew channel must change serial number(under wii) in setting.txt to your serial number then you can proceed to use 4.3U Formatter must have a old model wii with boot2 v2 gamecube controller ports on wii & of course a gamecube controller to use in nand formatter program to run formatter turn off wii turn on wii bootmii will pop up
    go to sd card scroll down until you see nandformatter elf file select it press b then press a on gamecube controller in formatter then wait for it to complete & go through wii setup
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    Thank You!
    I've been looking every where for my back up files with no success.

    Thanks, Jax!!


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